Your Great Options When It Comes To Splashbacks

If you are now when doing a kitchen renovation, then it is time to correct some of its old fixtures. Maybe your kitchen is still without splashbacks and without one, you can hardly cook freely. You see, there are very important reasons why splashbacks or introduced not only in kitchens but also in some areas where water is mostly utilized like in your bathroom, sinks and many others. However, the kitchen should be your priority when installing splashbacks being this is the place where you mostly used not only water but also different types of liquids like oil, soy sauce and many others. These can easily stain your walls when you will not be careful when using them and they splash on the walls. Especially if your walls are made of timber, this will not only stain but at the same time, it will also damage the material.

There are different types of splashbacks that you can incorporate in your kitchens and the most popular ones are listed below:

– Tiles top the list when it comes to popularity and it is also because they are affordable. They come in different colors like your options are almost limitless and designs. However, you should know that because tiles have grouts, they are not the easiest to maintain. But then again, with a good brushing and detergent, this should be quickly resolved.



– You can also choose the mosaic type of tiles splashbacks. With this type, your kitchen or bathroom will surely be brighter. This type of splashbacks also comes in different designs and bright colors.

– Then there is also the glass splashbacks. Actually, this one is also quite popular and when it comes to cleaning, you don’t need to worry that much since this type of splashbacks do not come with grouts. In fact, this come in panels and most of the time, you only need to install one panel thus they can be installed by anybody else as well. Glass splashbacks also come in different colors and textures like you can have the tinted glass, toughened, etched and still many others. If you will check your friends house today that are newly renovated, for sure most of them are using this type of splashbacks in their kitchens.

– Another type is the led splashbacks. Actually, it is just like the glass splashbacks though behind the glass, there are lightings installed thus they can generate great effects to your kitchen.

– Next is the stainless steel type. Like the glass splashbacks, this type can be cleaned easily as well, though the only setback here is they can easily get smudged. But then again, for the modern look it will generate, that is just very slight disadvantage.

These are some of the most popular type of kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. So, depending on the current fixtures of the area where you will have the splashbacks installed, you should be able to choose one. A kitchen or a bathroom without splashbacks is hardly functional you know. Check and buy glass splashbacks from Brisbane Northside.