Why Bamboo Floor Is The Best Choice

Building a custom built home is ideal than buying the ready to made homes built by real estate developers. This is because you can decide which types of materials to use such as the kind of flooring. There are so many choices in the market that can make it even harder for you to make the final decision and this article will make you understand why bamboo floor Perth is the best choice for you:

1) The bamboo floor is available in many styles, grades, and even color shades. Depending on your budget, there is a spectrum that is available, meaning to the most affordable styles to the most expensive styles of this type of flooring.

2) The bamboo floor is known for its durability. Perhaps you have seen a bamboo plant and you may be wondering how a thin looking grass can be made into flooring. It is worth noting that the bamboo plant is very resilient and it can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions. In fact, after a strong hurricane, you’d be surprised to see that the bamboo plant is still erect and not uprooted at all, which is not the case in some hardwood tree varieties. This is being so, you can just imagine how durable the bamboo floor is. In fact, in some Asian countries, scaffolding is made from bamboo material.

3) The bamboo is easier to harvest than the hardwood varieties. The cutter does not need hardwood saw just to be able to cut the plant. Despite the strength of the bamboo, it is easier to cut.

4) The bamboo floor is known for its adaptability factor. The bamboo is not as sensitive to temperature change, thus, it will not shrink nor expand with the constant changes in temperature.

5) The bamboo is renewable, meaning it can replenish faster than the hardwood varieties. It will only take months for the bamboo to grow back again and as result, it really does not lead to the destruction of the planet. If you will use bamboo floor, you are doing your share of protecting the planet from further damage.

6) Then the bamboo floor is so easy to maintain. You do not need to hire professional cleaners because all it takes to clean this type of flooring is by light sweeping only.

Choose bamboo floor and you will not regret that decision. It is beautiful, elegant looking, and very strong.