When to Call Your Air Conditioning Services

If your air conditioning unit is not exactly new, and it is working the whole day everyday, of course there might be occasions when you would need to call the air conditioning services in your area to check on it. There will be a lot of malfunctioning that you might experience with your air conditioning unit where the hands of the electrician is needed. Here are some of the situations where in you would need to call an air conditioning service.

  • Not enough cooling. If your air conditioner is switched on and it is no longer capable of keeping your home cool enough, then you should call an air conditioning service. This is something that needs to be taken care of properly, or else it may lead to a more serious problem. There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioning unit loses the capability to keep your home cool. It could be that the thermostats are bad, the compressor is faulty or that the fan motors are already broken. All of these issues should be handled by a professional Brisbane air conditioning installation service.
  • Water leaking. It is not usual if the air conditioning unit is in good condition. Therefore, if you notice water leaking from your unit, this is also a sign that your unit is not working well and you need to call an air conditioning service. It is natural that your air conditioner would create condensation and the water created on this should drip into a pan and drain away. However, the pan or drain line might be drained and causing the overflow, thus, water leaking.
  • Strange noise from the unit. Your air conditioning unit normally makes a low humming sound, but if it starts to produce strange noise like squealing, gurgling noise or hissing, then you should contact your local air conditioning services. A bad fan motor belt can cause the squealing noise, and you may hear the hissing sound if there is a refrigerant leak somewhere, while the gurgling noise could mean that you have a low refrigerant. If you experience either of these noises in your air conditioning unit, call the experts right away.

Keep in mind that your air conditioning unit is already a part of the necessary items inside your house. Therefore, it is only fitting that you’d find a way to have it maintained, else, make sure that it will be repaired properly once it is damaged.