Vital Points to Consider when Choosing Granny Flats Builder

Choose a reliable granny flats builder to avoid delays in the construction process. The delays will only lead to additional costs and inconvenience. What are granny flats? These are home extensions that are originally made for senior citizens. Children who have a house of their own and have an ample space at the backyard built a small flat with small bedroom, dinette and kitchenette where their senior citizens parents lived, thus, the name granny flats. But now, the granny flats are used to generate income, thus, home owners look need to look for reliable and trusted granny flats builder.

Granny Flat


1) Presentation- the granny flats builder must present himself in a very business-like manner. The builder must arrive on time at the appointed hour, otherwise, it could be a tell-tale sign that the project can be delayed and you will end up spending more money. If you think that the builder can be likened to an ordinary tradesman, then you are wrong because granny flats builder are professionals and they present themselves in strict business- like manner.

2) Communication. Any success or failure of a project is due to communication. If the granny flats builder cannot relay to you in detailed manner the design and the conceptualization, then you are surely going to encounter some issues. The builder must listen and respect your ideas. The role of the builder contractor is to listen to your ideas, design a plan based on your ideas, and build the granny flat that you wish for. At the same time, the builder must relay to you the limitations such as space. So if your idea is not doable, then the granny flats builder must provide you with alternative plans.

3) Skills and experience. The granny flats may be small in sizes but it is quite a challenge to design a plan on the existing backyard with limited space. This is where the experience and skills come in- from the digging of the foundation to the electrical and water system pipe layouts. It is a challenge because the granny flats builder has to make sure that there is no disruption in the water and electrical supply in the main house.

4) Professional reputation. The builder must be more than willing to provide you the information of their past clients so you can contact them and get their feedbacks. Granny flats builder need to establish trust and professional reputation.

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