What Your Renovation Builders Would Like To Tell

Of course, Brisbane home renovation builders will do everything they can to give you the result you expect. They will work to keep the agreement you had achieved. They never want you to complain or feel dissatisfied, they will work with you professionally and will not let you feel any way unhappy.

Nevertheless, do you think they are happy and satisfied with everything or do you think they do not have anything to tell you? Sure, they have a lot of things that they want to tell you, only if they can. Of course, renovation builders will hold back to what they feel, they understand professionalism and all they want is to make sure you are satisfied and happy.

What you renovation builders would like to tell you

Only if your renovations builders can tell you everything in a spontaneous manner, expect that they have a lot of things to tell you, but due to professionalism and respect or thought that you may get offended, they will just hold back.

“I get tired, why not give me a break and prepare me a snack”

Yes, they do. Although not part of your responsibility as their client, preparing a simple snack for them, a glass of juice and sandwich perhaps is definitely something that they would really be happy getting. They are working hard just to make your dream renovation come true, a simple snack won’t hurt.

“Can you give me extra pay? A bonus or a tip maybe”

If you see that they went beyond your expectations in terms of your renovation agreement, then giving them a bonus should not hurt at all. Anyway, bonus is not mandatory, but definitely something can make your renovation builders happy.

“Not all what you say is possible, can you listen to me sometimes?”

They will try to push back on your request or expectations if they think it is impossible, they will try to be very respectful and will try to explain to you things in the most polite manner, but if they can only say it straight out, they would have tell it to you without reservations.

“I have been doing this for years, why do you have to always overrule what I say?”

They know what they do, and they will never recommend anything they are not sure of, so might as well give in sometime, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Trust your renovation builders, they would really appreciate that.