What you Need to Know about your Removalists

If you are going to transfer to your new home, you will naturally need the services of a removals company. Now you are going to place your trust to the removalists hoping that nothing will get broken and of course, nothing will be stolen. Thus, you need to ask some questions in order to protect yourself and the things that you worked hard for:

Questions that you can ask from the removalists

  • Ask about the rates. Some of them charge by the hour while some of them charge a flat rate. If the rate is by the hour, you can ask if the time from the depot to your place is counted or not and vice versa. Some removalists may charge the number of hours that the packing and loading to the truck takes. This is very important to find out so you will not feel cheated and at the same time, they would not feel underpaid.
  • You may also ask the removals company if the charge is higher if you have many big furniture that needs to be brought down.
  • Ask the removalists the various services that they offer. For example, their packing services may either be full or partial packing services. Inquire about the kinds of packing materials that they use.

Moving tips

  • You can find many removals companies online. Try to compare the prices before settling into one. Plus, of course, the reviews of their past customers are great gauge if they did a good job or not.
  • Always check the qualifications of the movers┬áThere is no harm if you would require them to show to you their police clearance. You will allow them to enter your home and pack your things and for your peace of mind, you need to be confident that they can be trusted completely.
  • You must have a contract that clearly states all the terms and conditions.
  • Before you sign off, check that all the things have been accounted for.


Require the removalists to insure your things. Transit insurance only covers breakage that occurred during transit only and not during the process of loading and unloading to the truck. The other type of insurance covers all types of damage that happened during the moving process and not only limited to transit only.

Sydney City removalists provide a huge help and by having a trusting working relationship with them, your move would be smooth and stress-free.