What You Need To Ask Your Towing Companies About Their Tow Trucks

Of course, when you contact a towing service, expect that they will dispatch to you a tow truck. Nevertheless, as a customer, it is a must that you know information about the tow truck they dispatch. You would not leave easily your car to any tow truck reporting to the site of incident to pull your car. You want to make sure that you are dealing with the right one. Do not hesitate to ask questions, it is always better be safe than sorry.

What you need to ask your towing company about the tow truck that will provide you the service?

Below are few of the questions you need to ask your towing company about the tow truck who will cater you towing service. Especially during the night, you want to make sure that you only deal with the right ones.
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How long will the tow truck arrive

Something that you can best ask the operator is the time you expect their tow truck will arrive. Giving you timelines will help you getting to know whether the truck who came in front of your car is from their company or not. If they say around 30 minutes, a truck that will arrive a lot earlier than that may come a bit suspicious, although, you still ned to ask, you never know, they really just arrive a lot earlier.

Ask the name of the driver of the tow truck

From the operator ask the name of their tow truck driver, collect their ID’s and make sure that the name that was given by the operator is same as what his or her ID states. This may come too tedious or strict, but hey, it is your car they are pulling, thus better be safe than sorry.

How does their tow truck look like

What is the color of their truck, do they have stickers or printed name of their company on the truck? get a quick and shorty description on how their truck looks like. There is nothing wrong asking this question especially that you want to make sure that you are only dealing with the right company, no one else.

Are the people who will service you in uniforms

Are the people they dispatching in uniforms? Most of the time, they should be. Actually their people wearing their company uniform can give ease and confidence to their customers, thus most of the time they dispatch employees wearing their uniforms.