What To Prepare On Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney

If you find yourself unhappy with your marriage or your spouse may have filed a divorce against you, then that’s the time you meet with a divorce attorney from Adelaide law firms. Most law firms offer this kind of service so it becomes easier on your end to deal with this problem. In the long run, the choice to meet with an attorney will help protect your rights. Here’s how you should prepare:

Bring all the necessary documents

Organize the documents requested by the attorney ahead of your meeting to help save time and money. Locate your contracts, financial documents, photographs, employment materials etc. and put them in a binder for easy access. It’s better that you have a photocopy of these documents too so you’ll have copies when needed.

Biographical Information

Put all biographical information in a file then hand it out to your lawyer upon your meeting. Information includes full name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, children’s name etc. These are necessary information that is needed by the lawyer.

Marriage Narrative

The divorce lawyer will ask you about personal things so make sure to provide the information that he or she needs. Narrate the relationship of you and your spouse as well as the strength and weaknesses. Open up about issues that arise to the divorce. You can show pieces of evidence too like photographs and police reports. This is where your attorney will decide what strategy to use. So remember to give him or her the important information.

Financial Information

Disclose financial information such as assets and liabilities of you and your spouse. You also need to provide your income and expenses. Debts, credit cards, and pension plans are needed to disclose too.

The lawyer needs to know your financial standing to know if this could be a factor for divorce.

Make a list of questions

The meeting with the lawyer is the opportunity to know the divorce process so it is important to get answers from all your inquiries. Make a list of the questions you have in mind so the lawyer can help you with necessary steps. Moreover, doing this will give you peace of mind if in case you have a lot of questions in mind.

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