What Makes a Good Logo?

Logo plays a significant role in your setting your business. Sometimes, people remember the icon itself that the business’ actual name. So, it is vital to come up with something that’s worth remembering. To help, we listed the qualities of an effective design.


Your logo should stand out from the rest. Choose an out-of-the-box design that people will easily distinguish. Be creative and don’t limit yourself to what you are offering. The fruit apple works for a mobile and computer company. A logo doesn’t always need to be a portrayal of what a business does.


To come up with a successful brand, you need to understand the psychology of colours. Colour implies a meaning to our conscious and subconscious mind. Often, bright and bold colours are used to grab attention, while dark schemes imply a more sophisticated image. If you are designing for restaurants and food chains, use red as it found to stimulate appetite. Whilst green is often seen as the colour of natural and organic shops.


Proper alignment in a design will make your logo more appealing and organise. Always check the positioning of your name and the letter’s distance.


Keep it simple, clear and concise. It is easier to recall a plain logo than an icon filled with too much information.


Logos consists of two elements: abstract symbols or logotypes. If you can’t come up with a symbol to use, opt to logotypes. These are the stylised version of your company’s name. Some companies that use logotypes are Coca-Cola, IBM and Ray-Ban.

In today’s market, you need to find a way to stand out from your competitors, and an icon is one way to make that happen. If you are making a logo design Melbourne, just follow the tips mentioned.