What consists of a Solar System Off Grid Kits

First of, it is but important to know what off grid is, what it entails and what advantages ad disadvantages this may offer.

An off the grid solar system or so called stand alone system, from the word alone describes that your house or system no longer is connected to the power grid or electrical company that provides electricity to all houses in the area.

Common Solar System Off Grid Kits contain:

  • Solar Panels

As the word says, these are individual cells that were mounted together to produce a panel, and these panels were designed to generate electricity from the sunlight; converting the power from the sun’s rays to electricity for use at home. It maximizes the light drawn from the sun, thus the more light it catches would mean the more energy it will convert to electricity. It is highly possible that you are not going to miss this in Solar System Off Grid Kits.

  • Solar Panel Mounting Brackets and Fasteners

A set of fasteners and brackets that have passed safety standards and have been approved for safety use; these may be small and may look unimportant yet make sure that these are in Solar System Off Grid Kits.

  • Male and Female MC4 Connectors

These specifically designed connectors are single contact types, mostly used in Solar Panels.

  • Power Inverter with Cables

A device or electronic equipment made to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Often times applicable in most cars and boats that require AC to use home appliance; same concept in Solar Systems as these systems produce or outputs electricity in Direct Current or DC form from the dry cell batteries, thus the need to convert them to AC for home use given that home appliances runs in Alternating Current or AC. Make sure that this is present in Solar System Off Grid Kits.

  • 12AWG Solar Panel Cable

Twelve as the size, AWG being the form of measurement for electrical wires, following industry standards

  • Solar Charge Controller

Primarily works to regulate the charge avoiding overcharging the batteries that could lead to damage or danger. Cuts current when needed, avoiding overvoltage which damages the battery and could lead it to explode. Make sure that this is present in Solar System Off Grid Kits.

Above mentioned things plays an important role in your Solar System, thus, make sure your Solar System Off Grid Kits has them.

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