What are shutters

Shutters are usually perfect for places that are awkward. There are normally shutters that are round or even triangular in shape. They can be found on doors, roofs and anywhere else. You can request for any unusual design or shape so that it can be made for you by professionals who manufacture shutters. You should always be careful with windows that open inwards and also doors; because you have to make sure that they are still in a position to open when shutters have been fitted over them.

A lot of people are now discovering the benefits of shutters. This has led to the development of a big number of materials that are used for manufacturing them. Wood is the most popular manufacturing material and it remains even with the development of the large number of manufacturing materials. You can also choose from other options like MDF or plastic.


Though MDF is cheap, a solid wood usually have a durability that is greater, strength and also durability. MDF shutters are not recommended. Shutters are also made from poplar and Elm, which are woods that are among the most durable woods in the market. Tests that have been carried out have proven it to be the most highly effective against shrinking and warping. Polyvinyl is another material for making shutters. It is ideal for bathroom and any other wet room. This material is waterproof material and is good for environments that are harsh and wet.

A shutter has different parts. They include shutter panel, shutter frame, shutter slats, Bottom or top rail, mid rail and push rod.

1. Shutter panel. This part describes the entire piece of wood that is usually mounted in the inside of a shutter frame.

2. Shutter frame. It is the frame that surrounds and also supports the structure of the shutter. Frames usually work best in a design that is three or four sided.

3. Shutter slats. It is also called a shutter louver, slats are pieces of wood which run horizontally and can be rotated and tilted at an angle when closing or opening.

4. Bottom rail or top rail. They are the parts that are solid at the top and bottom of the shutter.

5. Mid rail. It can also be called a shutter divide rail. This rail is normally required for the panels over a height to retain strength of panels. It also gives a person a separate control of bottom and top slats, hence giving you a lot more light flexibility.

6. Push rod. It is a vertical bar which runs down the center of every panel of the shutter.