Wakeboarding Packages and Other Accessories

Wakeboarding is a famous water sport that adrenaline junkies will definitely enjoy as it combines elements from different water sports namely surfing and water skiing but the addition of the ability to perform snowboarding techniques makes wakeboarding even more interesting. There are a few things needed before getting into this sport and here are three things that come with a wakeboarding package and other accessories that come in handy in this water sport.


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Without wakeboards, a person will not be able to perform wakeboarding. Wakeboards are usually made up of foam which is helps in keeping it afloat on water. Others however are made up of a combination of wood, resin and fiber glass for a sturdier board. Hyperlite wake boards come in different designs and the size is highly dependent on the rider’s weight and how he maneuvers his wakeboard. Usually, wakeboard sizes are followed in centimeters and the user’s weight is measured in pounds. For instance, people under 100 pounds are compatible for wakeboards that are 130 cm in length. Likewise, people who are over 200 pounds will have wakeboards that are 144 cm long. Wakeboard packages often come in with a wakeboard and a binding.


When you look at a wakeboard, it has “shoes” strapped onto the wakeboards. These “shoes” are called bindings and they keep users on the board while they are being pulled by the boat at speeds of 30 to 40 km/h. These binders are attached to the wakeboards are set into place using metal screws to keep them from getting removed from the board. The sizes for bindings are determined by shoe size. These sizes cater for three different sizes namely children and adults with the adult sizes sometimes catering to both men and women. When choosing a binding, these have to fit snugly otherwise injuries and accidents are bound to happen.


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Ropes and handles

Ropes and handles are important wakeboarding accessories. The sturdier it its, the better chances there are to avoid possible accidents and injuries for the person wakeboarding. The ropes are often made from polyethylene or spectra. Polyethylene ropes are much more stretchable compared with spectra, however the spectra is a favorite choice among professionals for better wakeboard control. Handles on the other hand come in variety of materials such as aluminum and nylon but are designed according to how a person uses them. Some handles, for instance, are suitable for stunts and stricks.

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