Uses of Decorative Screens

Decorative screens have been popular for how many years and have been mostly used in the late 70’s and 80’s. Most people use decorative screens as divider of a room or a dressing room where the person should be changing his or her clothes. Decorative screens have never been absent in most houses before because people love to use these things to make their rooms look more elegant and inviting. But decorative screens can be used in many other ways.

Here are some other ways on how you can use your decorative screens to make your house even more beautiful.

1. Use it as a headboard.

Ever wanted to give a different look to your boring bed? If you have a decorative screen that complements the wall in your bedroom then you can make use of these decorative screens as a headboard to your bed. This will surely give a better look to your old bed and you surely would want to stay in your bed longer admiring its newly enhanced look. Also, since your decorative screens are now put to use, you no longer have to store them away to your storage room just because you do not know where to use them. You can also use these decorative screens as a background of your sofas that lies against the walls. See how much difference it can make and you sure will like it.



2. Use it as a room divider.

Most of the time, we always want to have our own privacy or intimate room where we and our partners can cuddle up while making sure that no one can disturb our private moments. However, when we have a small space in our room, walls are not usually an option because these walls just make the room even smaller and look even more crowded. To remedy this, the decorative screens can be a divider and create the space that you want to have. This will make your room look bigger since you now got two parts in your room.

3. Use it as a window dressing.

If you want to stay in your living room most of the time but you do not have the perfect view to enjoy this kind of moments, then you should make use of decorative screens as a window dressing. Making these Decorative screens Brisbane as window dressings will give you a better view to look at when you want to have a good moment inside your living room. You can throw on some good pictures to your walls and you can use good looking decorative screens to complement these pictures. You can play with these decorations inside your house. You will only need to use your imagination to come up with something that would surely make your house even more inviting not just for your guests but for you as well. This will make you want to stay and spend more time inside than outside. You will surely appreciate the beauty of your house after the decoration process.