Unregistered Business is as Good as Pirated

The world is full of laws and regulations and being we are part of this world, we should abide to them. No one is above the law. Even the richest person here on earth still needs to abide by the laws imposed by the government. There are laws to comply in every aspect of the society like if you are a government employee, then there are laws designated for your job. If you are also a businessman, then you also have rules to follow. Failure to abide by these laws can generate legal problems. There might be time when your stubbornness will not be discovered right away, but trust me, time will come that it will be known and the longer you are going against the laws of the government, the more severe also is the punishment. Besides, just for your self-worth, it would be best if you know that you are a law-abiding citizen.


Just like when you will start a business, one of the first things that you should do is register it. Just like when most people will but unregistered commodities, they can be penalized when found out. The same thing can happen to your business. It will surely be closed down if found out that you are not even licensed to operate it.

If you happen to be in Australia, aside from ASIC which is the government online link to register a business, you can also do it in TradingAs. With TradingAs, you might need to pay extra amount, but the experience is a lot convenient. There have been a number of complaints against the ASIC online link like it is too complicated and time consuming. Aside from that, the terms used are not also user friendly actually. In TradingAs though, everything is made simpler. You can be done in just about 5 to 10 minutes or depending on your own pace. The bottom line is, it will not be as complicated with the application method in ASIC. Thus the additional amount you will be incurred is really worth it.

Registering your business is a must for aside from the reasons mentioned above, it also comes with a number of benefits like you can be sure there will be no other business owner who can use your business name as it is legally yours, you will be more respected by your clients seeing you have complied with the rules and regulations imposed by the government, you can easily use your license as one of the credentials when applying for a loan as without it, you will be hardly perceived as professional, and most of all, you will now have a chance of separating your personal assets from your business assets.

Yes, registering your business will really matter a lot. Not only because it is required but most of all, it is also in a lot of ways beneficial to you. On that note, you can choose to register your business via TradingAs.