Types of Earth Moving Equipments

Infrastructures like tall buildings and houses would not be possibly made without the use of heavy machineries. Nowadays, the demand on construction industry is so high. Several business men have branch out their projects to other cities in the country. More and more buildings have risen from the ground. This remarkable engineering exploit have pave the way for more workers thus increasing the number of working individuals. The main purpose of earth moving equipments is to assist with the heavy load human beings cannot simply do by themselves. Lifting and transferring construction materials like hollow blocks, woods, steels and many more is its main use. It is impossible for human beings to do this stuff.

There are many kinds of earth moving equipments. For non construction enthusiast, most do not know its name. They might be familiar on how it looks but they cannot name it. An example of earth moving machinery is the bull dozer, cranes, hydraulic hammer and many more. Each of this type has specific use. Here are some uses of earth moving machineries.

• Crane- a common earth moving machine made with a chains, hoist and sheaves. The main usage of this machine is to lift and transfer a heavy load to another location or container.

• Pile Drivers- foundation is needed everytime an infrastructure is built. Buildings, houses cannot withstand long enough without a good foundation. When it comes to making good bases, pile divers are used. It’s a device used to drive some poles into the ground for structure support.

• Hydraulic Hammer- when grounds for construction are solid and out of shape, it needs to be demolished.

Drilling machines-If there is a need to create a hole underground, drilling machines are used to destroy the solid ground. Workers will be able to drill into the ground. There are many kinds of drilling machines. It can also be used to drill a hole into a metal.

• Road Rollers: this is also common earth moving equipment. Most people are familiar with this type. In order to create a perfect ground, a solid one, road rollers are used. It basically solidifies the material used for the ground like concrete and gravel. It flattens the ground and makes a solid base.


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Excavator Buckets: when other materials are piled up on one place and needs to be transferred or thrown away, this is used. It can scoop waste material, stones, sand, and other things. It is an impressive landscaping machine.

Earth moving equipments are heavy and complicated. Only those who have undergone training can operate the machine. The machine itself is a danger to the people around it. If it is used wrongly or the operator made a mistake in operating, then it can be cause for accident or worse, death. These machines are very helpful and should be taken care of. They are also expensive, so proper management and usage is necessary. Equipments this useful should be use properly according to their specific use.