Two of the Biggest Misconceptions About Tree Lopping

A lot of people have bad things to say when it comes to professional tree lopping. The tendency to have misconceptions about pruning services is wide, and people think it’s too much of a simple work for it to be priced as such. This comes from the lack of information on the subject, but we’re here to clarify some of those.

  1. The Price Is Not Worth It

The first misconception about lopper services is the value of the work. “It’s expensive”, “it’s easy” and “it’s not worth it” are just some of the things we hear. The number one answer we always tell people is if they’re willing to put their life on the line to cut big, dry branches, and remove entire trees by themselves.

Tree lopping entails a lot of work—from surveying to planning, using heavy equipment and getting the right amount of people doing the job quickly and using safety tools to make sure that the branches do not fall on your property.

  1. The Job Is Too Easy

The second misconception is that people fail to differentiate lopper work, removal, and pruning services. Pruning is a service that allows removing excessive branches to shape the tree properly and reduce the chances of it being a hazard.

Lopper work is removing the top half of a tree if it is too big and when it becomes a hazard to everyone who lives in your home. Standards and new certifications are needed to do this job safely and properly. This is done mostly by leaving a good amount of the tree’s lower half behind.

The removal procedure is the full removal of the tree, roots, and all. Depending on the size, shape, and request, this can be done by cutting the tree into manageable chunks and hauling it off, or clearing the root area and removing the entire growth, ready to be put in a different location.

Whatever it might be, tree lopping companies will take care of your needs for the right price. With the dangers that this job entails and the need for heavy equipment, the price for removing that heavy trunk of wood from your area is worth it. Visit their tree lopping services page here.