Training Tips To Get The Right Employees For Your Exit Cleaning Services

There are a lot of people who say that they would love to clean for a living, but many do not understand how hard and physically taxing working in exit cleaning services or any other cleaning services really is. You may also find some potential employees will feel like they are above working in cleaning services, but many are just looking for money or a job. Many of these people will leave after a few months of doing exit cleaning services. Since turnover is very expensive, you should try to hire the people who are right for the company in the first place.

College students can make great employees, especially if your company does most of its exit cleaning services at night. Many college students look for jobs that they can work at night. They may end up working for your company for three to four years, or even longer, until they are able to find a job in their field. Mothers can also be a great option for exit cleaning services companies. However, mothers are a better option during the day, as they usually will want to work part-time, and when school is in session. Once you have employees, you are going to have to train them. Here are some tips to help maximize your training.

People learn differently

A one size fits all training method can save money for some companies; however, cleaning companies should not use this method. Every person learns differently, so you should teach the employees the skills that they need, in the best way that they can understand you. If you are working with a group, you should use a mixture of verbal, written, and hands on demonstration methods to make sure that everyone understands the work. The best option is to train and tailor your method to each employee, especially if you are a small company.

Make it real

If possible, train your employees on the job. Take the new employees out on jobs with you, once they understand the basics. Avoid letting the customers know this since they can sometimes get upset that you are training a new employee at their home. Make sure that you are being a strong role model, and be ready to do most of the work, until the employee is fully trained.


Not very many employees are going to know what to ask, or when to ask questions. Try to anticipate questions and have answers ready. The question may end up being oddly worded, as the employee may not know about the product or service that they are asking about.

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