Tools You Need to Fix Your Car

A part of your responsibility in owning a vehicle is  being prepared to fix your car whenever it is damaged or malfunctioning. Here are the most common (and not-so-common such as  spare car keys) car repair tools:

  • Screwdrivers – You need both standard (flat) and Phillips screwdrivers to loosen or tighten the screws. You may also need a complete set of various sizes, even the tiny ones, for electronic works.
  • Wrenches – A full set of wrenches of various models such as adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, socket wrenches, ratchet wrenches, and torque wrenches can save you when your car breaks down.
  • Pliers – Another tool that can help you in fixing your car is a set of pliers. These can be used for various situations to cut, bend, grab, and turn important parts in your vehicle. Pliers also come in many types, including diagonal cutters, groove joint, needle nose, locking and slip joint.
  • Hex Keys – Like screwdrivers, hex (hexagon-shaped) keys can be used to loosen or tighten tiny bolts.  They can also come in a set, which often held together in a keychain. Some models of ratchet wrenches can have hex keys that can remove or place larger bolts.
  • Gauges – You need to check the air pressure of your tyres using gauges. Usually, there are two types of gauges: tire pressure (used for measuring tyre pressure) and tread depth (for measuring treads).
  • Goggles and other eye protection gear – Your eyes are among the most vulnerable body parts that can be injured during a car repair session. Thus, you need to wear goggles or other eye protection gear to prevent serious damages to your eyes.
  • Latex gloves – Fixing car parts is dirty and greasy. You need to protect your hands to prevent injuries and infections. Using latex gloves act as a disposable protection for your hands.
  • Work lights – You might need to do some repairs during the night. As such you need to always bring work lights to make sure you can do repairs even in the dark.
  • Spare car keys – Sometimes a spare vehicle key is enough to solve your car woes. . Wise people secure a spare key for emergency cases. Thus, If you need a spare set of car keys cut contact Car Keys Sydney immediately.