Tips For Laminate Floor Installation

There are different flooring types that clients can choose from. Manufacturers and distributors bring different colors as well as decorative effects that match the client’s needs according to the rooms that they want to laminate. They are a quick installation exercise and some people do it in their homes without the help of an expert. Real wood can be engineered to create a laminate that lays in a similar way except that it has an additional layer at the surface. The flooring adds beauty and character to the floors giving them a bona fide finish.

Tools required for laminate floor Perth installation.

Fitting the underlay

Installing the lamination requires one to fit the sub-floor with an underlay which helps in making accurate measurements before installing the laminate. Wood fiber gives a perfect underlay that everyone should try to install on an uneven sub floor. They insulate the room against heat and sound since they are substantial. The underlay is also ideal for splash areas. Poly fiber is a type of underlay common used in the laminate floor installation. It is the thinnest underlay in the market and some people prefer installing it under the laminated floor. It is best for firm dry and well leveled sub floors for instance those of a wooden floor.

The choice of underlay does not matter. What matters most is the cleaning exercise. It is advisable only to sweep the floor or use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes before installing it. A laminate should not go under a carpet underlay because it is not suitable for such a finish. Sometimes the home owner will have to consult before the main installations to avoid making such mistakes.

Fitting the underlay and membrane in laminate floor installation Perth

The initial steps involve laying the underlay through the flooring and maintaining the lengths side by side. The fitting process is not complete without the trimming of the sides with a sharp object. It then follows the use of tape in a careful manner to ensure that none of the joints overlap. Fitting the overlay requires a proper preparation of the floor by taping the joints with water proof tape. The underlay boards should remain in the room for two days. The steps that follow require the advice of an expert because they determine how the finished floor will look like.

If the home owner has an expert to help them with the finishing touches, it will give a better finish than if the home owners does the finishing all alone. However, the best option is to hire a professional to do the job right from the start to the finish. The floor maintenance is easy.