Things To Do Before Hiring Professional Painters

It is recommended for you to repaint your house, both interior and exterior, every few years. This is of course, if your home is not constructed using stucco or there is no no-paint siding installed. Thus, you might want to save extra money for the house painting, so you can hire a professional painter that can do the work for you.

However, there are also some preparations that need to be done before calling your trusted professional painters.

Check for the presence of lead paint. If your house has been built in the 1970’s or older, or it was around that time that your house has been painted, chances are it still have lead pain in the original layers. Make sure to hire a qualified lead expert for this before beginning any work.

Prepare the surfaces that need to be painted. This is the most essential part of the entire process of painting. If the paint preparation is done correctly, it can result to the durability of the paint, or if it will peel off easily if the prep was done otherwise. Do the necessary repairs and fix any structural defect before starting your painting project. Clean the dirty walls, especially those that are near the sink and the stove.

Calling the experts. Once you have called the painters, make sure that your contract includes important things like the kind of products to be used, the amount and the type of surface preparation, the kind and brand of paint to be used, etc. The number of coats of paint should also be covered.

Will there be extra costs? It should also be clear if extra services will cost you extra as well, like removing heavy furniture. These services may or may not be included in the contractor’s estimate. Therefore, if you think that you cannot do it on your own, ask the painters if you would need to pay extra if you ask them to do it for you.

It is recommended for you to do these necessary steps if you are considering repainting of your home. May it be because it has been way too long since the last time you painted the house, or you are planning to sell, or you just wanted to do it for a change, repainting homes is a big project that needs careful planning and a lot of considerations.

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