Things Restaurants Keep From Us To Keep Us Coming Back

Statistics say that an average person eat restaurant meals at an average of 4.8x per week. What is the secret of this restaurants that they keep us coming back? Is it the experience of eating with other people at a communal place? The fact that someone cooks and cleans up for you? Or is there more? Let us uncover some of their secrets:

• Restaurants have spent years and money on research on how to make people eat more to increase their profit.

• First they trick us into believing that their food actually has less calories. So for the diet conscious, watch out. That zero trans-fat doesn’t necessarily mean zero. According to national laws in food regulation 0.5 amount of trans fat can be recorded as zero. Do not believe what is written in the nutrition information tab. Sometimes they just put in less numbers.

• They trick us into thinking that their food is healthy. Labels such as baked not fried or lite usually makes us think that we’re eating healthy food and so we can allow ourselves to pig out a little more. Be careful! Even the things we think are truly healthy such as veggies and sweet potatoes can be really filled with fat depending on the style of cooking used.

• The menu is made so you will order the dish that is the priciest. Restaurants often use pictures of steaks and beef slabs and expensive seafood so that the customer is enticed and tempted to order these. Think back and try to remember whether you have seen a vegetable dish as the main photo and realize that there is almost always none.

• They bundle up things together and make you think that you are getting more value for your money. Try adding up the cost of items in the deal individually and you’ll realize that truly you have saved some cents. However, do you really want all of the items in the deal? No? But the restaurant has succeeded in making us you more.

• They use very good presentations because we are tricked that by looking good, food tastes better and more exquisite.

• Some of the restaurant specials are called specials because they want to trick people into ordering food that they want to get rid of

• When ordering wines, make sure to see it being poured out from the glass yourself. Some restaurant hides different bottles under the bar so the one that is being poured may be different from the one you ordered.

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