The Many Causes of Blocked Drains and How to Prevent it from Happening to Your Home

Blockage can bring too many inconveniences in homes and businesses. If all of a sudden you experience blocked drains at home, you cannot use the toilet and you cannot take a shower, too. Blockage can make you skip work or school. But good thing you can always rely on the expertise of emergency plumbers who will be at your place any time of the day. If you wonder why you experience blocked drains, then below are some of the possible reasons:

Indoor and outdoor reasons for blockage

If the root cause of the problem comes from outdoor, the cause may be the accumulation of dried leaves and other particles that block the passage way of water. This is why you must have your roof maintained by a roof specialist so he can remove all the particles that can cause blocked drains.

The blockage may also be caused by huge root trees that are blocking the drainage system. An emergency plumber can determine if this is indeed the cause of blocked drains by using the latest technology such as a camera which is brought down to the drainage system.

If the root cause comes from indoor, then it is most likely that the grease is the culprit. Other causes of indoor blockage are nappies thrown onto the toilet, human hairs that are not removed, among others. If this is done continuously, you will experience indoor flooding often.

How to prevent indoor and outdoor blocked drains

You can do many and easy ways to prevent blockage. Make it a habit to wipe off grease from your kitchen utensils before washing because the formation of grease on the pipe linings is the main cause of blockage.

You can also use kitchen essentials like baking soda and vinegar to remove blockage commonly caused by grease.

In your garden, be sure to clean the surroundings as the dead and dried barks and leaves can block the drainage system and this will only lead to blocked drains.

What to do?

Once you notice some minor changes such as bubbling or gargling sounds from the toilet or sinks, the water takes time to drain, then these are indications that your piping system needs to be seen by a drain unblocking. It is still the best option to get help so as not to make the problem worse.