The Five Phases of Successful Video Production

Video production is no easy fete. You have to be well prepared and know what you are getting yourself into otherwise you might end up with poor content that nobody has no interest in watching. We spoke to an expert video producer who highlighted the five critical stages of video production to help you get started.

• Development

If you are doing the production for someone else, the development stage is where you discuss the goals of the project. This is where you jot down necessary information that needs to be in the video.

This process usually involves coming up with the idea, the plan to make the idea a reality, timeline for producing the video and the total budget needed.

• Pre-production

This is a critical phase to the whole video production process. It’s at this stage that you are going to prepare for the venue, props, actors etc.

You can spend this time;

1. Writing down the script for your video
2. Creating a story board
3. Coming up with a production schedule
4. Hiring a crew and briefing them
5. Getting all the necessary props and supplies
6. Preparing the locations you are going to use
7. Preparing the cast and so on

• Production

This is known as principle photography in professional terms. The aim is to capture all the project’s assets. This could include actual filming, animation, if any, and the design. This is where all time and energy is spent and good planning and preparation culminates into a truly special video.

• Post production

This is simply bringing the whole production to an end. It involves;

1. Editing for color, picture and sound
2. Creating any special effects
3. Adding music and other audio effects
4. Adding titles as well as credits
5. Reviewing the whole project and releasing the finished project to your target audience.

• Promotion and distribution

This is where you heavily market the video so you can spread your message to a large audience. Check out business video production company for more information.