The Edge Of Having Bamboo Floors Over Hardwood Floors

Both bamboo flooring and hardwood floors come in the macro category of wooden floors. Bamboo floors are essentially different from other wooden floors by virtue of the fact that they are made of bamboo which is a type of grass. On the other hand, all other types of wooden floors are usually made of timber. Hardwood floors were the leading floor building materials that has dominated the global market of art and architecture for a long time. However, bamboo flooring are emerging as a stiff competition to timber floors. The fact that they are agile and has a softer texture than the regular hardwood floors, yet as solid and resistant as them, provides it with a certain edge over the regular ones. Also, bamboo floors are emerging trends because of its novel appearance and cuts and shapes it is provided with. All in all, it may be safe to claim that an intense competition is going to be prevalent between bamboo and hardwood floors for quite a while.

The comparisons of pros and cons between bamboo and hardwood floors are never ending. The fact that they both hail from the wood family, or fairly so to be precise, does not help the cause. In terms of being solid, they are both on similar parameters. They are both equally resistant to daily wear and tear and is not quite hard to maintain. However, over the years, an emerging argument that has been developed in favor of bamboo floors in that they are more environment friendly than hardwood floors. Needless to say, this argument stems from the fact that we have extensively used timber as a furniture product for a long while ignoring the fact that we have been cutting a lot of trees for it; industrial sectors are developing in the previous forest or flora rich arenas.

Now that the world is facing grave environmental challenges every day, it would only help the cause if we limit and reduce cutting stronger trees that produce timber. On the other hand, bamboo is easily renewable and thus termed ecologically friendlier than hardwood floors. Speaking technologically, bamboo floors are durable, long lasting, and resistant to hazards, cost effective and demands low maintenance. One of the major drawbacks of bamboo flooring over the years has been that they had been available in a limited color and texture, to be precise. One of them being a shade of natural bamboos and another a shade of carbonized bamboos.

However, manufacturers have moved behind that and in an age when appearance and aesthetics matter a rather whole lot more, bamboo flooring are available in an awe inspiring array of types, cuts, color and feel. The sole point of unanimity being the horizontal strips that run from end to end giving the floors an altogether unique touch. To wrap it up, it may be said that though hardwood floors are prevalent in the global market, the bamboo floor Perth are also looking prominent to give it a run for its money.