To Clean or Not to Clean, That is the Duct Cleaning Question

Air ducts are very important in any home or commercial building but is often overlooked. It carries heated or cool air into the building and keeping it clean means making sure that clean air is passed around. Over time, ventilation ducts trap grease, smoke dust and other undesirables making it a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Other unwanted particles that probably sits in your duct includes: visible and invisible mold, dead insects and rodent droppings, cobwebs and debris from your neighbors construction work, etc.



Such dirt in the air goes into the HVAC system and gets recirculated several times a day. Now, who would want to breathe in dirty air?

While filters are installed to trap smoke, solids and other undesirables, some eventually gets to pass through causing the HVAC system to lose efficiency. The dirt build up results to more power consumption and when unchecked, a breakdown of the HVAC system. Because of that, there is the need for professional duct cleaner in Melbourne.

How to clean a duct?

Duct cleaning is something best left to professionals. Climbing into the duct and personally brushing and vacuum clean the dust and dirt out of it may result to nasal and skin inhalation of rodent droppings and other harmful dusts. If those rat droppings spared you when it was stuck into the duct, disturbing it the wrong way might bring more harm than good to a home owner. Dirt might unintentionally be released into the home’s atmosphere and result to common colds and possible serious illness to members of the family.

Professionals use tools that are specially designed to dislodge and lift dirt out of the duct. Such unwanted particles are then sucked out with industrial grade vacuum cleaners. Professionals also recommend that the entire HVAC system be cleaned and maintained as well. All the grime that got through the filters builds up and causes the system to easily get hot resulting to generation of lesser cool or hot air. This inevitably results to high energy costs and breakdown of the HVAC system.

Before, during and after photos of vent ducts being cleaned should be enough to persuade anyone to have professionals take a look. One good news is that there’s very little evidence that dirty air ducts causes illness. However, take a look at your vent and decide whether it is a good idea to call for duct cleaning professionals or not. Most probably, you will not like the idea of keeping it dirty and risk the possibility of getting sick.