Termites Decrease A Home Value

When you think of termites, you think of ants. Termites, however, are no ordinary ants. These little black machines of destruction may appear harmless but they do in fact cause massive destruction in the home. They wreak havoc, eating anything made of wood in their sights and it doesn’t matter if it is fixed or movable, it is all food for them.

Termites will hollow out your window frames, doors and door frames, leaving them brittle and weak and prone to damage. The structure of your home will be jeopardised and the stability compromised. This may not seem like a severe problem at first but it will definitely become one when the time comes for you to sell your home. Termites can compromise the sale of your home if it has a serious infestation of termites.

When you decide to sell your home, a termite inspection Brisbane service is needed. Contact a reputable pest control specialist who can supply a clearance certificate which states that there are no termites and if there are, they need to be able to state that action was taken to eradicate the termites.

Without this certificate, you cannot sell your home. No bank will issue a loan to anyone without this document. The bank needs to know that what they are funding is in a perfect condition. A termite inspection certificate is a necessity when trying to make that sale.

The new owners also need a peace of mind that they are not purchasing a property that is going to disintegrate before their eyes. They need to know about any potential costs that may arise and that they will not be major issues. They basically need to know about anything that may have swung their purchasing decision in the other way.

A termite inspection goes hand in hand with a building inspection service, which is also required when selling your home. A building inspection becomes even more important when the results of the termite inspection reveal that termites were present. The building inspection will then have to look closely at the integrity of the structure.

Termites are nothing to laugh about and as small as they are, they are devastating when left to run rampant. Don’t be caught unaware, book your termite inspection yearly or if you notice anything untoward, change it on an earlier date.