Termite Protection Ways

It’s not surprising to see parts of a house starting to crumble to pieces. Termites are nasty creatures that destroy the walls, the ceiling, and another part of the house. Termites are the usual suspect if you’ve seen houses that are torn apart and the foundation of the house seems like it’s been chewed up. It’s a pressing issue that should be addressed quickly. Every household should install termite protection materials or if possible the materials that should be used when building a house is termite proof.

Termites live in groups or colonies. They usually feed on the cellulose of the wood. Though termites are branded as nasty creatures, they are created with important role to support nature. But once termite attacks your house, it does not anymore serve a purpose to nature; it should be exterminated to protect structures like houses or buildings. There are many ways you can exercise to fully exterminate termites but the general steps include identification, elimination and prevention.


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–    There are many types of termites. Other people associate them as an ant because they have similar features. There are types of termites that are unknown to everyone. A termite does not only destroy wood but also books, papers and many more. Since there are many kinds of termites, knowing what type they are is a must. Termites are sometimes called white ants, there are also winged termites. It’s not rocket science to know that your house is already under termite attack, signs can be easily detected. If you notice that there are line holes in your walls or its bottom part, then termite attack is a possibility.

–    Termites need to be exterminated immediately once notice. There are many ways you can choose but the best thing to do is hire a professional termite treatment service provider. If you don’t have any knowledge on how to exterminate them, then seek professional help. Professionals first identify the route and the possible colony of the termites. Once known, they either set up bait to lure those termites back to their colonies or they exterminate them by using chemicals that are very noxious to termites.

–    The last step is prevention. There are millions of termites out there. Even if you manage to destroy one colony another one will resurface. Remember that termites feed mostly on woods. You need to eliminate any unused woods. Termites are also water-loving creatures. Make sure that there are no woods coming in contact with the ground especially near damp areas. There’s a very powerful chemical that are not harmful to human but noxious to termites. It can be mixed with paints to protect the house from under attack. It also provides a lasting protection so your house will be secured. Hire a pest control service!

To make sure that your house is not under attack, it would also be best to have a maintenance check from time to time, make sure that there are no termites infesting your house. Check the places that they would be attracted the most.

The pre-purchase inspection is needed before closing a deal with a property that you are eyeing to buy. This will give you an idea of the real condition of the property.