Simple Do-It-Yourself Plumber Task

As the world progressed, DIY Centers have opened in different areas so does the knowledge sharing of different individuals. Most are shared over the Internet, video streaming thru YOUTUBE, and even thru Facebook, and other applications over Social Media.

Face it, knowledge is Power. Thus gives most individual the courage and self esteem to try Do It Yourself Plumber projects. It is a given, that not all plumbing jobs can be fixed DIY style, yet, not all jobs need a professional to fix them.

Here are a few Plumber related tasks that you can easily perform DIY style.

• Unclog sinks. Bathroom sinks get clogged quite often amongst all if not most household. Before calling a professional Plumber, why no try a simple trick such as using a pickup tool or even a zip lock tie to drain the sink. Often these sinks get clogged with human hair and gets grease, thus clogging the entire plumbing lines.

• Silicon Sealant to stop leaks. Read a few online plumbing forums and you will find that a professional Plumber prefers to use silicon based sealants over PVC putty cements. Reason is, cements have chemicals that tend to have bad effect in pipes and even steel.

• Replace P-Traps. Most items nowadays are made of plastics, compared to metal plumbing items produced before. PVC pipes, elbows, P-traps are easier to install and would definitely last longer than steel, may it be galvanized iron or even brass since it wont corrode. Often easier to tighten since it has less friction compared to steel. This simple trick can be done without the help of a Plumber.

• Release stuck piping. Metal tend to corrode and develop rust in joints. Given that plumbing lines run water on them, avoiding the use of rust remover or lubrication fluid is advised. An old school trick used by a skilled Plumber is to heat the pipe joint to loosen the rust in the tread. You can always go to a DIY center to buy a butane flame thrower for this said case.

• Leak in Pipelines. Often caused by worn out gasket or O-Ring. Should you not be able to find a replacement O-Ring or gasket, you may try putting a Teflon tape in the tread and make sure to tighten the joints just right, Do Not over-tighten the said joints. This applies to both steel and PVC joints.

A simple DIY doesn’t need a professional plumber. But if the situation is more serious than you expected, it is high time you get plumbing Sydney for a more professional approach.