Signs of Industrial Deafness

If you work in an industry where there is too much noise, you may suffer from industrial deafness in the future. Constant exposure to extremely loud noises on a regular basis can lead to condition. For some workers, the deafness may only be temporary. But for some, hearing damage may be permanent.

There is a regulation that helps protect the workers who work in extremely loud work environment. These workplaces usually are in mining, construction, factories, to name a few. The employers are mandated by law to protect the workers from incurring industrial deafness by requiring them to provide workers with proper ear protection.

Here are the common symptoms of this affliction. See if you have observe any of them.


  • You experience some ringing in your ears. This is referred to as tinnitus. Depending on the severity of the problem, some may hear loud ringing which can be really debilitating.
  • At times, those who suffer from this condition may also not hear some words accurately. This makes conversation difficult.
  • Hearing muted sounds is another sign. The sufferer finds the need to constantly turn up the volume of the TV or radio. They also need to remind people to talk louder.

Compensation for industrial deafness

If you suffer from this type of deafness, you have the right to apply for compensation from your employer. This is if it is proven that the employer failed to provide necessary protection in the workplace. If you suffer from industrial deafness, you can get help online. You can find lawyers to help you get the compensation that you deserve.