Should You Hire a Furniture Removalist?

If you are planning to move somewhere and have a lot of furniture that you need to be taken apart and re assembled then you may want to call furniture removalist Brisbane. They are experts in taking apart even the most complicated and delicate furniture.


What is Some of Their Job Duties?


They have many different duties. It is a job that requires concentration, hard work and dedication to making sure it is done correctly. You must be a very organized person in order to do this career. You are handling people’s most valued possessions and need to be totally alert while you are working. You must be able to get enough sleep at home to do this job as well.

  • They do services of unpacking when you get to the second location.
  • They handle supplying the packing materials used for your items. That is part of the furniture removalists job. They also use special boxes and packing materials as well as crates for very fragile or expensive items.
  • Their primary job is the disassembling and reassembling your furniture.
  • They provide help finding businesses to do transportation of any pets you have as well as well as your cars.
  • Some furniture removalists clean your house as well as setting up equipment. This may include helping you with cleaning up your old and new place. They will also help you set up equipment like your stereo system or television. Some help you stack up your cupboards so you are ready to live there.
  • Some help you find relocation services like new schools for your children and cable, phone and electric services set up.
  • Shorter term and longer term insurance for any storage services that you need.


Different Levels of Service


What is described above is a full level of service. There is also other levels of service that don’t include as many amenities. You can get just what you need out of your furniture removalists. Some other services are-

  • A partial packing service doesn’t include packing and unpacking and may have you help take things to the truck. Another partial service will be just a few boxes of fragile items or furniture that needs to be packed up professionally or disassembled. You can hire them for various single duties by the hour or task.
  • You can use a service called back loading which is renting space in a truck returning from a move. Otherwise it would be empty so it benefits both client and the company. This can be a great low-cost option for a longer distance moving. You only have to pay for the space that your items take up on a one-way trip. If you are OK with sharing space on a truck with other customers this is a great option for you. It is also usually available at short notice without having to plan ahead very far. You want to make sure that all boxes are labelled clearly.