Set Yourself Apart With Affordable Radio Advertising

The digital era has brought upon us the slow end of TV and radio – only for radio to be revitalised again by people who really love their music and listening to the commentary on their favourite broadcasts. The digital era has created radio to be easily accessible to everyone, giving businesses a more affordable radio advertising option. Even when you get a more cost-effective campaign, you should still take some considerations. The art of broadcasting is a terribly underrated field, and you need to be something new and unique to avoid getting drowned with all the thousands of businesses trying to capitalise on this.

For your campaign to be effective, somebody needs to listen first. People have something that is called the serial position effect, and this is the scientific breakdown of anything in radio, especially when you get affordable radio advertising. The idea is that humans are more likely to listen at the start and at the end, not caring with the middle of a presentation. In writing, this is easy: have a strong introduction and have an excellent conclusion. In radio, there’s a way for you to do this as well.

The initial introduction of your radio ad should grab your listener’s attention. Make the advertisement about the listener. Talk to them directly by using words like “you”, “your family” and “your” when talking about what it can do for the listener. As people are naturally self-conscious, they will be intrigued on what you can offer. Offer them improvements in their current situation, rather than talking about the features of your product. Be original.

Around the end, you should tie up all the ideas that you presented and make an appeal to their emotions. Talk about why they should act now. Your call to action should be presented to make your services highly useful to the listener – something that can make a quality of living better or their social standing stronger than how it is now. Sell them convenience, ease and value of living derived from using your product.

If you have access to affordable radio advertising from Lastminute Multimedia, make sure to take advantage of people’s serial position bias. Start strong, end strong. Keep a consistent pace that is about the audience, not you. Make them own the commercial so they can feel the authenticity of your message. Smart advertising always pays dividends, especially when you do good, convincing radio. Click here for more details on how to market your brand through the radio.