Say “Merry Christmas” in Your Own Style

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to start sending out cards to family and friends to let them know how much you care for them. The option of buying a box of standard, pre made cards is always available but to add a touch of yourself to each card, you should consider custom Christmas cards.


When creating custom Christmas cards for your family and friends, it’s a good idea to add a photo of you and your immediate family such as your wife, kids, etc. This tip is highly inappropriate when customizing cards for business associates though. A nice image of your family in front of the tree or out in the snow is a beautiful touch and the recipient feels a connection to your card. They will probably even display it somewhere and remember you all throughout the season.

Be careful when sending out personalized greeting. If someone doesn’t celebrate Christmas you may want to consider “Seasons Greetings” in lieu of “Merry Christmas”. This is especially important when creating cards you will be using for your business.

Avoid e-cards. Even though they can be cute and convenient they don’t show that you care much for the person you are sending them to. Always put A custom Christmas card in an envelope and mail it the old fashioned way. Make sure that you write out the addresses if you want to add another small touch of personal.

Always add a personal message inside that says something short and sweet especially for them. If you have the time write a short letter that you can place inside to update them on any new happenings in your life that are going well such as the birth of a new baby, a recent move or promotion. Don’t write these things directly in the card but on a separate paper which you can fold and place inside. The writing on the inside of the card should be about the recipient.

There are several programs and websites that can assist you in creating personalized Christmas cards and it is wise to take advantage of them. Many of them will have simple templates for you to navigate and they will print them and ship them right to your door.

If you plan on using personalized Christmas cards you should get an early start so that you can really wow your family and friends. A great card is only great if it is on time.