Roof Repair

It definitely defeats the purpose of having a house if you have a leaky roof. It’s quite burdensome, especially during the rainy days. However, roof replacement can be very expensive, especially if it’s unplanned, and besides, you may not really need to replace the entire roof. Sure, you can count on the roof restoration to make a fast and sure repair however if you want to do it by yourself here are the tips that can help you do it. But bear in mind that fixing a roof, though it can be done even without professional help, is somewhat dangerous at the same time patience-consuming. Here are some tips on how to fix your roof, diy-style.




Think about safety. There are some people who fix their roofs during the downpour. This is absolutely a no! Climbing in to your roof on a rainy day is highly dangerous. Sadly, there’s no quick fix for this, especially if you want to do it right so you have to wait for when it is already safe for you to go up your roof.

Do some safety measures. A good weather, of course, is not the only guarantee to your safety. Being on the roof puts you in a very vulnerable position – you can slip, or slide. The point is, accidents can still happen, so make sure that you have some materials for safety like harness and other stuff. Also, make sure that you are wearing rubber boots or any footwear that will prevent you from slipping. Be sure as well that you are with someone else while doing this.

Check if the gutters are clogged. Sometimes, a clogged gutter can be the reason for a leaky roof. Gutters that are not being cleaned can cause water build up, thus leakage in the roof. Make sure to check the gutters and clean them.

Check the valleys. Valleys are the intersections of the two adjoining roofs, and they are common causes of leakage as well.

Use a hose to find the leaks. Some leaks are not visible – you would only notice them when it’s raining. So spray the roof with a hose to easily find the leaks and cover them up. Just be careful while getting the roof wet as you might slip.

Roof repair requires a lot of patience and time. So make sure to carefully plan on what are you going to do once you’re up there. The tips provoded above sounds simple, yet if applied, they can really make the seemingly complicated task less complicated.