Caring for your RM Williams Boots

Boots have always been a favorite by almost everyone because of how stylish it looks and because of how it can protect out feet from anything that could dirty and harm it. One of the best stores to buy boots from, may it be for a woman or a man, young or adult, is from the RM Williams. RM Williams is a known brand and store boutiques in Australia and it has already established a reputation in the fashion industry. Buying boots at RM Williams will surely be an invest since these boots are made to last long. If you decide to buy boots from RM Williams, you should know how to take good care of it for it to always look brand new and for it to always be at its best.

1. Dust it off after use.

When we use our boots outside, it will surely get dusty and dirty. So every after use, you should dust it off so that the dusts or the dirt will not be able to penetrate on the leather of the boots. Having dusts on the surface of the leather for quite some time now can make the leather easily brittle and may make wrinkles on the surface. And you surely do not want this for your boots. Dusting it off before putting it on your shoe rack should be done since it is just an easy job and it does not require too much effort at all.

2. Apply a leather conditioner.

Sometimes, we cannot avoid getting out boots wet. The best way to remedy this is to let the water dry on the leather naturally. Just leave it and after all the water has dried up, apply a leather conditioner so that the leather will still retain its good quality. The leather conditioner will also nourish the leather and its fiber to supple so that the leather will not crack because if it starts cracking, it will surely easily get damaged already. So as much as possible, apply a leather condition at least once in a while for the continuous nourishment of the leather of the boots and also to maintain its good quality. Just remember to not apply too much of the leather conditioner since the leather can still breathe. Just apply the right amount of leather conditioner.

3. Do not put it on a close area.

Putting your RM Williams boots on an open shoe rack is what you should do. Avoid putting it on a close area where there is a limited amount of air that can get in because this may damage your boots. If your aim is to avoid getting it dusty then regularly dust it off than put it on a close area. Or you can put it on a covered shoe rack but make sure that a right amount of air can still get it so that the leather could breathe and not get suffocated since this will cause wrinkles or cracks on the leather.