Choosing The Right Tile For Your Small Bathroom

From the beginning and at the end of our day, our bathroom plays a huge part in our life. Aside from our bedroom, our restroom is one of our personal sanctuaries. We can think, relax and prep ourselves whenever we are here. However, some people find their bathroom not spacious enough. We know what you feel, that’s why Fresh Aire Carpet Cleaning is here to share you some tips to make your rest room look bigger than its actual size.

Decorate your Wall

The way you decorate your bathroom affects the illusion of its size. If you want to make your room look bigger, put accents and mirrors because it will help play tricks on the eyes. You can also stack thin rectangular tiles in a horizontal manner to emphasize the width of your space. If you wanted to highlight its height, put tiles in a vertical way.

Use Patterns

Make your room look larger with large patterns and wallpapers. The unique layout will immediately catch your attention and makes your eyes busy. The large pieces will also create an impression that it is greater than its dimensions. Brings a sense of elegance and style in your room with large accents.

Glass Tiles

A mirror is one of the tricks that people use when they like to enhance the look of their house. This also goes in your bathroom as well. If you don’t want to put too many mirrors in your room, you can use glass tile to make a disguise that it is larger. You can play with colourful or plain tiles.

When it comes to your bathroom, the decoration is important as we spend every day in our restroom. But aside from that, cleaning it must be our top priority. No matter how good-looking your bathroom is, if it’s not hygienic, the looks will all be wasted. Don’t be deceive that it’s still white and all, if you will look closely, you will see how much dirt one tile has. There are tile cleaners available in the market if you can clean it by yourself, but if you don’t have time to do it, tile cleaner Perth can help you with that. They are carpet and tile cleaner company that can restore your tiles look. They can guarantee that their people are equipped with high-quality materials and solutions so that they can meet your needs.