Requirements For Granny Flats

Granny flats are living spaces where these are located where a house has already existed and these tiny flats are owned by house owners themselves for the reason of extending their space so they can accommodate visiting friends or relatives or perhaps have a living quarter to be rented off for tenants who are looking for a temporary or long term residences for them to stay in. When thinking of getting granny flats, there are several requirements that a person has to achieve so the plans will all go smoothly. Here are three common requirements that are needed for the house construction of granny flats.

Fits building code requirements

When a building or structure of any sort is planned to be erected, it has to follow the building code requirements and granny flats are part of it. There are several factors that the building code focuses on which can help set the standards in creating a safe and efficient dwelling place. Some of these factors include exact details on the structure such as its entrance and exit paths, its electrical service entrance and how much electrical and electronic load it can handle, and its overall safety features of the proposed structure that can help protect the people against disastrous accidents.

Maximum floor area

Granny flats are small residential areas and by small, it means that it can only occupy to up to a maximum of 60 square meters or roughly 645.84 square feet. Strictly speaking, it should not go beyond the said area otherwise plans of creating a granny flat will not be allowed. However, there can be some exemptions to this rule but if and only if the council members from the local environmental plan is involved. The members of the local environmental council will often prescribe the right area for a granny flat to occupy.

Meets planning controls

Just like any other structure, granny flats will also have to meet the standards set by planning controls. In planning controls, there are several aspects that would-be granny flat owners would have to follow like the specifications of the building’s flooring spaces and height. In some cases, especially when the granny flats are used as rental spaces for tenants, part of the planning control is to have the flat fulfill specific provisions set for by the judicial body of a country’s government. provides the necessary guidelines of granny flats construction service.