What to Prepare for Your First Spa Day

A visit to the day spa, even for a single day, is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a stressful day. What you need is a pre-spa preparation to ensure that during your first visit, nothing goes astray.

Arrive some minutes prior to your appointment and make sure to pay close attention to what you wear and eat if you want to experience a relaxing time and session. Here are some crucial things you should know before you go to a spa for the first time:

  1. Book appointments prior to the session

Always book your treatments in advance to be assured and guaranteed that they will be able to accommodate you. Just in case you are considering having many treatments, remember to communicate with them so they can make a schedule. If your visit happens to include facial, massage and pedicure, your treatments may be required to take place in a given manner for satisfactory results.

  1. Dress and pack for the spa

Don’t go wearing jewellery to a spa because you will surely be asked to get rid of it before the start of any treatment. Some personal stuff like towels and robes are obviously provided, so you don’t have to bring yours.

The same goes for personal hygiene products like shampoos or soap, but you can come with yours if you prefer to limit yourself to certain soaps. Check in advance if they have offer use of hot tub or sauna so you know whether to carry a bathing suit or a pair of sandals. Because you expect to have a relaxing time, always wear comfortable clothing like a pair of sweat pants or tracksuit.

  1. Little food, plenty of water

Don’t overeat before going to the facility, so you may not feel uncomfortably heavy and full during your session. However, always make sure that you stay hydrated by taking plenty of water before, during and/or after your visit to the day spa.

Some practices like the massages and hot humid condition like in a sauna can be really relaxing and wonderful for detoxing but they can cause your body to lose a lot of fluid. Ideally, before you go to a day spa always remember to take a shower to get rid of the dead skin and sweat from previous work.