Photo Booth Hire And How To Take Control

Different people, different faces, different individuality etc., these are all you can see on any event or party you attended. Sure, if you hold an event, what you want to ensure is that everyone will have fun and enjoy the party you organized, only that, there are few things that may get out of your control.

One of the show stoppers for any event, is Sydney’s number 1 photo booth hire company¬†, why? People may go wild and too happy while having their pictures taken, leading others to feel irritated or putting their attention towards those who are on the booth instead of an important program or announcement. Not only that, you may not control the queue, thus others may cut lines, thus letting others on queue get mad and may result to an argument. People attending on events, especially on bug events, may not know each other, thus their temper are not long enough to compromise or understand.

How to control your photo booth and the crowd

Controlling may be a huge word to use, as this may sound limiting or too strict. Yes, they are attending a party and not a prayer meeting, but still they need to make sure, that the fun they do do not affect the other visitors.

These may sound a bit strict, but better set this rules if you plan to have a photo booth on your event. Better be strict that let chaos occur on your event.

Simple rules to set for photo booth

Strictly set a place for them to line up and make sure that no one will cut line. One of the reasons why people are arguing on the booths are because some are not patient enough to wait on the queue, thus cutting the line. Make sure that you set a place where they can fall in line without any chance to anyone to cut the line. Use a rope or any mark to keep them in just one straight line.

Give them stubs

Although, not that ideal, giving out stubs to ensure that their photos will only be taken once, especially if you are on a budget and you want to make sure that everyone will be given a chance to have their photos taken on the booth. Some may get more than one and others are none, due to limitations either on time or number of available shots.

Instructions should be given to the photo booth staff, and make sure they will follow it

Give the instruction clearly to your staffs and make sure they will follow. You do not want any chaos just because they do not follow your instructions.