Not Productive at Work? The Office Lighting Might be To Blame

Are you feeling distracted? Can’t work well and don’t have the energy to function? Are you struggling to finish your work even though the time is almost over? Have you asked yourself what could be the problem? There are a lot of factors to consider why sometimes we can’t do anything at work. It could be the noise, the environment or the co-workers. However, there’s something we tend to overlook; the lighting.

Eye’s Sensitivity

The status of office lighting can significantly affect our productivity. One of the most common reasons is the light being too dim or too bright. No matter how much we wanted to adjust it, we can’t do so because it is beyond our capabilities. It’s not like our computer setting that we can set the brightness and contrast. If you and your officemates are agreeing that the light must be fixed, don’t hesitate to tell the person in charge that you need to contact electrical contractors to fix it. All of you are going to be affected anyway.

Health Problems

Employees have the higher chance of developing headache and eye problems because of poor lighting. While many companies are seeking for ways to save money, sacrificing the office lighting is a drawback. One of the most famous studies about lighting is the Hawthorne effect. This proves that the employees have the potential to work better if the environment is well lit. Poor lighting decrease the competence level of the workers.

Visual Environment

Studies show that colours have a psychological effect on our body. Our mood can change depending on the colour that we see. One of the key elements to make our environment appealing to the eyes is by having a good lighting. Bad colours and dim light is a bad combination. Some of us use light as a clock, we just look around and we know if it’s time to wake up and to sleep. If we are always seeing dim lights in our area, then our mind will react from what we are accustomed.

No one could ever work in a high-stress environment. Whether you are in an office, school or at home, we need proper lighting to make us efficient. The next time you have a meeting; suggest to the manager that you need electrical contractors to fix your place. Hankinson Electrical is the best -known company to fix your dilemma. They are covering all kinds of repair like installing lights, power point and more. Contact Brisbane electrical contractors now and make good deals. Your working experience won’t be the same again.