Why Move to Subic Bay?

Subic Bay is one of the most popular places for good living abroad. From almost year-round tropical climate to low cost living, people can’t help but fall in love with the place. Here are the more reasons why you should consider moving here too:

Business Opportunity

This has been proven to be a magnet of tourist. In fact, the local government declared that there are at least 1 million tourists visiting here every year. That’s why if you are an investor and thinking where to have a business, you must consider Subic Bay. You can buy a beach house and make it a hotel or have your own restaurant.

Beach Life

When it comes to the ideal beach lifestyle, many foreigners settle to Subic, where the palm-lined beaches, azure ocean, and relaxing sound waves are part of daily life. So, whether you want to go surfing or just lay down on the sand, you can enjoy doing all these on the island many beaches. There also plenty of things to keep you busy as the place offers different amenities like Waterpark, Zoo, etc.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is cheap compared with many other countries throughout the world. The houses are at a low cost even the food. The local restaurants offer delicious and fresh meals for a low price as well.


In the survey conducted by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, it shows that the Philippines ranked 8th in the list of World’s Friendliest Countries and the Asia’s friendliest country. No wonder, as the people here are welcoming and friendly and often greet and talk to you with a constant smile. Moreover, almost 80% of Filipinos can speak English which makes travelling and having a business in the place much easier.

Now you know what are the benefits you can get when you move to the island, it’s now time to look for a place. To make the process easier, you can contact our real estate agents Subic Olongapo.