How to Make Your Termite Barriers More Effective

When you’re constructing your home, amongst the primary considerations that you need for your new property is termite proofing. With Australia experiencing extremely hot, wet weather all year round, these wood-eating insects are the bane of homeowners nationwide. This is the reason why adding termite barriers during and after construction lends to a pest-free home. Whilst this is effective, there are a few extra ways to can do to prevent any infestation.

The first thing that people should remember is that a termite is more active in hot, moist weather as it is conducive to their reproductive ability. Cooler months make these insects go into slower activity, similar to a semi-hiatus where they do more work during hot weather whilst they feed less in cold weathers.

With this in mind, it’s best to amp up the protection during hot periods. Termite barriers are typically permanent protections, especially physical ones that go below or around the slab of your home and gets installed during the construction period. Chemical barriers, on the other hand, should be added before or during summer time.

There are some other ways you can assist the barriers when preventing termites. First of all, these insects are attracted to food and water, especially in areas where hot, moist air accumulates.

This is typically in ceilings and downpipes in your home. Garden beds should also be at a minimum against the walls. This means that flora should best not touch the walls as you would want the insects to not circumvent the protection systems that you laid out.

Check with your pest control service to provide a full inspection around your home to find if there are any insect nests present around your place. The sight of the flying species of these insects is dreadful as this is the reproduction period for these pests. if there’s a number of termites flying around your outdoor light, this only means that there is a nest nearby.

If you can see that you are experiencing issues with your termite barriers, it’s best to consult with your local professional on what can be done. Whilst your home itself might be protected, the same is not true with your surroundings, especially if your immediate environment is made of overgrowth and backyards.

Seek advice and be vigilant. Once you start seeing the damage, it’s best to get termite barriers services from Brisbane immediately.