Looking for Job? Broome is the Way to Go!

Broome is a peninsula in the Kimberly region known for its magnificent coastline and rich cultural history. Although Broome is more widely known to be a spot for the tourists, Broome also has a lot of career opportunities. Someone looking for a job definitely will not run of things to do in Broome. Here are some of the job posts available some of them you might not even think of

  • A Qualified Baker. Some of the bakeries especially in Woolworths are looking for people who can prepare and deliver baked goods every day. This is a casual job which goes on everyday and lasts for a total of around 10 hours a week. The only qualifications required are that you love food and want to spread the joy of eating freshly baked goods to customers. Not only will this job earn you a respectable amount of money but it may also jumpstart you career by offering exposure to how a bakery is run and gain experience and have structured learning in a world class environment.
  • Musician at the Army Band. If you love music and want the thrill of the daunting environment of the army, being a musician in the Army band is one of the things to do in Broome. Here you will have the chance to perform different pieces from jazz to pop to comtemporary music in events such as ceremonial occasions. You can also be sent to other countries to entertain soldiers and be part of the public relations program of the army. Musical instruments that are accepted in the army band include the flute, the saxophone, the tuba, percussions, guitar and vocals.
  • Another one of the things to do in Broome is to join the concierge team in different resorts and spas as a porter. As a porter your job will be to provide assistance to the tourists in the transport and delivery of their things as well as provide information to guests. Some requirements include previous experience with public relations, good communication skills and good grooming.
  • Window Tinter. Another unique job that is open to locals looking for things to do in Broome right now is window tinter. It if a full time job that has competitive hourly rates for people with previous experiences on installing tints on various domestic and commercial Automotives. Aside from tinting, employees will have the chance to learn about and be involved in the other parts of the automotive business.