Intercontinental – Danang

‘I loved the toilets’ 

Clearly an exceptional property and outstanding hospitality, what can I possibly say to offer any service to readers?     It was in the details… Every corner of InterContinental Danang is truly 5-Star.

Go exploring and rooms continue to unfold with the most exceptional features.   In the upper restaurant I need to use the bathroom..   I head down the giant spiral staircase expecting the usual long straight corridor and clinical toilet block.   I find a very interesting variety of features along the way, such as a type of open brick chimney thing reaching up through the ceiling… just for decoration.   I enter into a wonderfully decorated sitting area and then through to a mind blowing toilet that cannot be described quickly or sufficiently, you need to see the photos.   This is the toilet?? …. it was almost too nice to pee on!

Down at the beach-front restaurant bar we are dining.. sitting in a boat (you need to see the photographs to understand that ) and I need to use the toilet.   This time I find an equally fascinating room.. if you need to sit on the toilet you will soon find yourself in the open air, looking up at the sky in a private garden.    Other features.. again you need to see photographs as I cannot find the words required to truly describe it.

Down on the beach they do barbecue spread bi-weekly that is just magnificent,  so good I didn’t even get a photograph as I was to keen to get eating!   If you can drink a lot of wine quickly it pays to accept the offer for free-flowing wine, with good wine being so darn expensive in Asia.   A notable staff person we loved is Quan.

We had room service on a couple of occasions and it was prompt and amazing.   They do not just drop food in your room like every other hotel, they come in and set your table complete with flowers and candles, and then serve you like you are in a fine dining restaurant.   I ordered steak and did not expect it to be perfect.   It was perfect, and how they got that meal to us hot and as good as it was in a hotel that size… I cannot explain.

It was easy to get around this resort the buggies and the hill lift-cars were quick and efficient.

The long-bar was great and a notable staff person we loved there is Ain.    The gym was excellent and they even had a ‘kids-world’ where we could check in our infant son, hiring a nanny.    The pool above all this was awesome, and heading quickly after breakfast you can secure a private area nestled in trees with an ocean-view.. just paradise.

Only one negative on our 7-day stay was –  One day we walked along the beach trying to find the water inlet so I could make better sense of the map.   We would also get a closer look at the 2 and 3 bedroom villas we were interested in returning to with friends on a return visit..   the sand became so hot under our feet that my wife and I began to run up to the bushes seeking shaded sand.   We passed only about 4 meters over a ‘Private Beach’ sign, still a very good distance away from the Villas.    A Vietnamese man popped out from nowhere and aggressively scolded us crossing his arms and yelling… he went on and on.   I said “Chill out man the war is over” and quickly headed back.

We felt some of the restaurant staff could improve their English, being an international hotel .. on one occasion a staff could not understand “water” no matter how many times we said it.

Other than that – what an amazing paradise worth every cent!

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