How to Improve the Design of Your Website

Designing websites is a routine process. Just like in fashion and clothing, website design methodologies change depending on the latest trends. Thus, the designs that were a hit five years ago don’t look cool now. Here are some tips to upgrade the design of your company site:

  • Prominent placement of professional looking business logo – Your logo represents your business, including its mission, philosophy and value to your customers. As such, this should occupy the most prominent part of your website design, especially on the home page and landing pages. Normally, it is placed on the top left portion of your website.
  • Use intuitive navigation – Create a website with an intuitive, user-friendly UI (user interface) that provides excellent UX (user experience) in mind. This means that your website design should be intuitive to make navigating your website easy and stress-free. Your design plays a large role in giving the visitors of your site a rewarding experience.
  • Make design clutter-free – The best modern website designs are created with a fewer elements. Gone were the days when websites look like a storage of jumble of photographs, overcrowded text with looped Flash animation. Nowadays, designers and users prefer less cluttered sites that put emphasis on content rather than aesthetics.
  • Scan WordPress or other CMS themes – Savvy designers scan thousands of themes in WordPress, Drupal and other content management systems (CMS) either as inspiration or as the one that they use for your site. Most websites nowadays are developed using CMS for easy updating of content images and coding.
  • Provide ample breathing space – If you visited websites of such as Microsoft and Apple, you will notice that their text is and other design elements are separated by blank (‘white’) space in between. This allows the eyes of their visitors to focus on the content. This is especially true while reading website on mobile phones. The small screen makes it hard for visitors to scan the text if the letters are squeezed together without ample space.
  • Invest in good, high-resolution photography – Don’t rely much on stock photos that don’t even reflect your brand and its qualities. Having a collection of professionally captured photos is a crucial investment, especially nowadays when most people crave high-resolution images.