Important Tools Every Plumber Should Have

Most professionals typically need their own set of equipment. In the same way, plumbers also need to possess certain tools of the trade for them to do their job. Here are some of them.


A plunger is the most basic tool a plumber should have. It is used to remove the clogs in pipes, sinks, and toilets. Meanwhile, you, as a homeowner, should also make have a plunger available at home so that you can perform first aid when you encounter a small plumbing emergency. For heavier clogs, the professional needs to utilize a flange plunger. This is a tool which is specifically designed for a toilet.


A plumber also needs to have two types of auger– the sink auger and the toilet auger. One uses an auger in order to remove clogs on farther pipes which the plunger cannot reach. In such cases, the sink auger can remove obstructions in the sink through the use of a flexible cable. The cable will then pull out objects that obstructs the flow of liquids. The toilet auger is a tool that the plumbers use for toilets as well as older water closets. It does have the same function yet a good professional will know when is the right time to use each specific type of auger.


There are also two types of wrenches that each professional must have. He should own a pipe wrench and a faucet valve seat wrench. The pipe wrench must have an adjustable design. He will be using the pipe wrench in order to loosen or tighten up the pipes. With the right wrench, you can assure yourself that your pipes will not incur damages while the professional works on them. On the other hand, the plumber will have the ability to remove and replace faucets with the use of a faucet valve seat wrench. In most cases, a worn down faucet valve will cause a leak at the bottom of the faucet therefore needing an immediate replacement.

Valve Reseating Tool

The plumber also needs a faucet valve reseating to use for resurfacing the valve seat. To handle this type of tool, he needs to be careful and experienced enough so that he can apply the right amount of pressure when reseating. If not, then the valve seat and also the whole faucet may be destroyed.

Other Paraphernalia

Plumbers should have faucet packing and washers in order to replace worn out and broken seals. He will also need a teflon tape and a tubing cutter. For the teflon tape, he will use this in order to prevent any leak while he repairs a certain pipe. The tubing cutter is also essential in order to achieve smooth and leveled cuts in a copper pipe.

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