How to repair your roof tiles

With time, the roof will start to have some problems. Gutters are starting to crumble. It is not every time that you will be calling someone to come and do the repairs. Sometimes if you want to save some money, repairing the roof yourself is also a good idea. There is nothing wrong with it provided you know how to repair the roof. If you delay to repair the roof cracks, they are bound to be problems during the rainy season. Here is how to do tiles roof repair.



Buy the correct roof tiles for your own roof

Check the type of roof tiles that you have before heading out to buy the replacement tiles. Sometimes people end up buying tiles that do not match what they have on the roof. The worst part of using such tiles it that you might end up destroying the other tiles in the process of trying to force the new tile into space. With proper study, it is impossible to get it wrong the first time buying the tiles.

Getting onto the roof

This part of tiles roof repair is not for everyone. If you are a person who is afraid of heights, it is about time to invite someone else to do the repairs. Use a stable ladder to help in climbing on the roof. You can still secure yourself by using climbing ropes for protection in case of a fall. Falling from a roof is deadly; ensure that you stay safe at all times.

Replacing the broken tiles

Locate the broken tiles once on the roof. You will have to slightly lift the overlapping tile before then remove the broken tiles. Put the broken tiles in the bucket to avoid it sliding down the roof and cause trouble. While still lifting the overlapping tile, slide in the new title. If you bought the correct tile, it will fit into the space perfectly.

Ensure the new tiles is well secured in position

Your tiles roof repair is not complete unless the new tile is well secured. Try to slide out the new tile and see if it holds ground. The tile is likely to face new challenges such as heavy downpour and strong winds. You have to be sure that it can hold off all the harsh conditions.

Check other tiles while on the roof

During your tiles roof repair, take the time to do a quick survey to see if there are any tiles that need repair. You can always replace such tiles before they are too damaged.

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