How to install plantation shutter

Window covers are really important because it has many benefits that can give to you, there are many types of window covers, and one of them is the plantation shutter. Plantation shutters will give you so many benefits other than the other window covers but of course, each window covers have their differences like this window shutter that when you install it unlike the blinds and the curtains it is fixed in the window.

If you are planning to get your very own plantation shutter you can get ask someone to install it or maybe you can install it by yourself, you can buy your own plantation shutter and install it all by yourself and here are the guidelines in installing your very own plantation shutter. Hire the plantation shutters from Gold Coast for this job. Call them now.

1. Measure your window- measure the width and the height of your window for you to be able to know what particular size of shutter are you going to need.

2. Determine the layout using filler strips- when you buy your plantation shutter it includes 1/8’’ of filler strips to adjust the strips if needed and it can also serve a good template for your layout. You should hold up one piece of filler strips in front of the edge of the window frame, mark and level the screw holes with pencil or other marker and then you need to pre-drill the holes using the ¼’’ bit.

3. Measure the shutters- Place the shutters together so that you can measure the overall width of them.

4. Attach the filler strips- Know how many filler strips are you going to need and then insert the screws on the shutter frames then slide the filler strips to the screws.



5. Mount the shutters– Hold the shutters and then align the screws with the pre-drill holes do not over screw the screws because you might need some adjustments.

6. Check if you need adjustments- close the shutters and check if it aligns properly if needed some adjustments better do it but if not insert the screw cover plugs your kit should have that.

7. Mark hardware placement- By using a pencil layout the hardware for the shutters, mark halfway down and place a level at the halfway mark and by using a pencil again mark a perfect horizontal line on each side.

8. Measure and make a pre-drill holes- measure the center point of each door frame and make a vertical mark that will intersect with the horizontal line a pre-drill the holes with ¼’’ drill bit.

9. Attach the fixtures and test- Screw the knobs with the pre-drill holes the right side without the latch and the left with the latch then test it.