How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Car

A car used on your wedding may spark more drama. Nothing beats arriving on the place of the wedding ceremonies aboard stylish and luxurious wedding car. The choice of the car is a personal preference and there are many available cars in the market that you can choose from. Listed below are some guidelines in choosing the perfect wedding car for you:

The vintage car is manufactured sometime between the years 1919 and 1930. There are couples who choose the vintage cars because these cars definitely add more drama in a wedding. Imagine riding in a car that is no longer seen on the streets but only in movies. The classic cars are manufactured from the 1940’s to 1970’s. Then there are the modern classics such as Jaguar. The modern wedding car is the latest model of luxury car brands such as Mercedes Benz. There are really no rules when it comes to your choice from vintage to modern luxury wedding car. It is a personal choice of the bride and the groom and normally, the car matches the theme of the wedding.

Size matters

You need to determine how many people will be riding in the car. Though it is customary for the bride to ride with her parents en route to the where the wedding vows will take place, but sometimes, some brides want her siblings and bridesmaids to ride with her in the same car. So generally speaking, the smaller cars such as the classic vehicles can only accommodate four adults plus the chauffer. Now if you want a more spacious car for weddings, then opt for the limousines.


When choosing a wedding car, be sure that you will only get the services of a company with a very good reputation. It is less of a hassle if you will choose a company that does not sub-contract so there will be no issues. There are more persons involved if the company sub-contracts and this only leads to confusion.

Then double check that the wedding car of your choice is indeed available on your wedding day. A trusted company will also stipulate in the contract that in case the car of your choice encounters issue on the wedding day, they have an alternative wedding car available for you. Hey, don’t forget to use flowers on your wedding car!

Check the website if the cars are clean and well-maintained. The chauffer must also be properly attired for the occasion.

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