How A Horse Behaves

Are you having a hard time understanding your horse? If so, you certainly need help. The thing is, if you have a horse, you definitely need to familiarize it like you can’t just give up and just do the basics even if your horse is reacting differently like it is not really having a good time. Since you are dealing with a live animal here, its moods can change anytime just like humans. It is not a kind of mechanical thing where everything can be programmed. With horses, you need to understand what their action means so that you can respond accordingly. If you don’t, you can check out some tips online or you can also get some books about horses. There are already a number of businesses that provide them where you can download online in the form of pdfs or you can get them from the book shops in paperbacks.

For starters though, here are some tips in understanding the behaviour of a typical horse:


– First of all, you should know that typically, horses are prey animals and their first instinct of survival is flight. Being the owner of a horse, you should understand its flightiness as this is their most usual thing.

– There might be a lot of times when you think that there is something wrong with your horse especially when you are riding on it. However, you should know though that normally, horses are quite perceptive. This is due to the fact that they are prey animals thus they should always be perceptive for possible dangers.  Check Equine science.

– And horses are quite quick like their response time is really quick. This is still one of their ways to elude danger.

– However, there is a way for horses to be desensitized so that they can identify dangers from not harmful situations. Most of the time, even when the situation is not harmful, they right away react on it like if it was just a bird and so on.

– It is very important that the first training of a horse should be a positive one as they hardly forget negative situations. They might be able to forgive but definitely, they don’t forget.

– Horses consider every experience either harmful thus they need to flee or harmless thus they will just ignore it. This is the reason why, if the need to introduce new things to them is a must, you should do it in such a way that they will understand them to be harmless.

– The good thing with horses though is they can easily be dominated. If done right, you can establish that without causing to your horse.

Taming a horse does not have to be hard if you get to familiarize them first. You have to know their fears so that you can’t become one of them and instead, you have to let them feel that you are their allies. As they are prey animals, they are always vigilant thus you should establish yourself as something from the other side.