Hire Experienced Floor Sanding and Polishing Workers

We at Floorshow, with extensive years of experience and training for over 20 years, we have also done it to well-known commercial areas. Therefore, it is a very safe bet to hire us for your flooring needs. You don’t need to worry about a thing as you are in good hands. We make use of the latest heavy-duty floor machines and the best part about the equipment is that they are made in Germany. Everyone knows this is one place where they take machine-making very seriously. They use nothing but high-quality parts in making machines.

Wooden Floor Sanding

We have complete projects all over the country as we are not the type of company that focuses on only one area. All the floor sanding and polishing equipment we use have been tried and tested for safety standards and they all pass with flying colours. We are proud to be able to come up with any colour that is preferred by our past clients for their timber floors. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what our past customers had to say about us.

Penetrating Oil

Penetrating oil is a floor sanding and polishing type that makes the flooring look like it was already there for centuries. It just means it is the type that gives it its natural look. This is one alternative that is very popular as oil is the traditional choice long before urethane was used. The best thing you can say about this type is that it hardens the flooring making it easy to maintain. If the floor sanding and polishing Melbourne was done properly, then you can forget about having to sand it again.

Hard Wax

Hard wax is the type of floor sanding and polishing that will make the flooring look natural. In fact, they actually allow the wood to have some kind of life in it. The best part about it is it you won’t smell much while it is being applied to your flooring. This is good news because when you hear of hard wax, you will think you may have to go outside of the house while it is being applied because of the bad smell it might cause.

It is a good thing that’s not the case as you won’t smell any odour after it has bene applied to your flooring. It won’t also crack which means it is perfect for flooring that a lot of people step on every day.